Mile after mile at the Carlsbad Half Marathon... here are the mind games that got me through!

Go Girl!
Mile 1 - This isn't so bad. I can do this!

Mile 2 - I'm hot already. Off goes the sweatshirt!

Mile 3 -Yea, I get to see my cheering squad in front of Cafe Elyse. I wonder what side of the street they'll be on. I wonder what the coffee of the day is. I wonder if they got any cute pictures of me. Only 8 more miles until I can see their smiling faces again!

Mile 4 - Should I try that caffeine shot in my pouch?

Mile 5 - Oops, I should look up once in a while, I almost ran right into a photographer. What is she doing in the middle of the street anyway?

Mile 6 - I'm on target to beat my PR, don't blow it Dianne, just keep plugging away!

Mile 7 - At the turn around there is a band with a funny female lead singer, I laugh out loud!

Mile 8 - What is going on with my I-Pod shuffle. I'm stuck in a folk music loop! HELP!

Mile 9 - A group with a flag that read "3:30" just passed me... what does that mean? Oh right, that must be a marathon pace group. Really glad I'm not running a marathon today.

Mile 10 - Do I really want to run a marathon next year to celebrate my 40th birthday? Hmmm... I'll ponder that one a little more...

Mile 11 - Straighten my shirt, fuel belt and pony tail... it's picture time again! Hi friends! I'm going to beat my PR!

Mile 12 - My quads are starting to burn... don't slow down now!

Mile 13 - Turn off the I-Pod and get ready to hear the congratulatory screams at the finish line. I did it!

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