We're just back from our 3 1/2 week trip to Europe. Steve and I have had the privilege of lots of travel over the years. Now that we're parents, we want to be able to share that passion of ours with them. Of course travel with kids brings some challenges, but it also allows us to enjoy things in a new way as we experience it through their point of view!

Here are some of our fun discoveries:
- Pigeons live all around the world, and they are fun to chase anywhere!
-You don't have to speak the same language to play a game of tag in the park with other children.
-"Mommy, what's that second toilet in the bathroom for?"
-Italian playgrounds, French playgrounds, Serbian playgrounds and Spanish playgrounds are all awesome!
-Statues usually don't have underwear
-As awesome as the Coliseum is, it doesn't compare with the water slide on Disney Magic

Fast Facts:
Countries Visited - 7
Flights - 8
Forms of Transportation - 15
Skinned Knees - 1
Tantrums - 2 (one was Dianne's)
Gelatos Eaten - we lost count
Children Lost - 0

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