Steve and I just returned from a fun 3 day trip to the Santa Ynez valley. I think we truly experienced small town life, and it felt really good! Who would know that just an hour and a half north of LA there is still a place where everyone knows everyone at the single grocery store in town and no one locks their doors.

We stayed in the small town of Santa Ynez on Main Street just a couple of doors down from a four way stop, the only one in town. While there we enjoyed a cycling tour of the valley with Tim who owns the small cycling tour company across the street from the Inn. He took us all over the valley telling us about the area's history along the way. He even took us by his own house and showed us his vineyard, garden and orchard. We tasted the arugala from his garden and pomegranates right off of the tree. Later that evening while we were enjoying a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, Tim and his wife walked in. We talked like we were old friends. They also greeted a number of other people in the restaurant. During dinner we also enjoyed getting to know the couple that was seated at the table next to us. They were friendly and eager to share about their life in this small valley. They even gave us their contact information and invited us to come to their house next time we are in the area.

I loved our little trip to the Santa Ynez valley. The cycling tour, the wine tasting, the delicious food and the cute little shops in each of the towns were such a fun part of the trip. But the unique small town qualities are the part of this trip that have made the greatest impression on me. I look forward to returning some day!

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Tara says... (Reply)
"Sounds like you guys had a great time. Fun to hear about your travels!" (1/12/09)